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Waterproof Blue/Beige Tarpaulin 350gsm UV Protected Tarp


At 350gsm, our Waterproof UV Protected Blue and Beige Extra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin range is our heaviest weight poly tarp. With a tight 16×16 per square inch weave count, 3% UV inhibitor and eyelets at 50cms intervals, these extra heavy duty tarpaulins are rough, tough and durable. With strong corner reinforcements and additional eyelets approximately 15 cms either side, the user can be confident in a hard-wearing product.

Popular for use in agriculture and construction.

Tough spec 16 x 16 weave count
350 gsm
5 Layer polyethylene fabric
Rotproof, Shrinkproof & UV Protected
Aluminium Eyelets at 50cms on all 4 sides
Sturdy Corner Reinforcements with additional eyelets 15cms either side to help reduce the risk of eyelets pulling due to excessive force
Colour: Blue outside / Beige inside

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