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PVC Tarpaulin Cover Roll Waterproof Grey Plastic Sheeting Tarp

A reinforced PVC UV resistant tarpaulin fabric in a variety of colours A tough and durable pvc coated polyester fabric designed for use in providing weather protection in rugged use applications. It can be sewn, glued or welded (RF and hot air). Double coated material which has an extremely tough core polyester fabric and is coated on both sides with PVC.

This material is non-stretch, waterproof, rot-proof CAN BE USED FOR MARINE BOATING COVERINGS, INFLATABLE , BOUNCY CASTLES AND MANY MORE APPLICATIONS Sold by the metre and has a width of 150 cm

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1m x 60Inch, 2m x 60Inch, 3m x 60Inch, 4m x 60Inch, 5m x 60Inch, 6m x 60Inch, 7m x 60Inch, 8m x 60Inch, 9m x 60Inch, 10m x 60Inch, 11m x 60Inch, 12m x 60Inch, 13m x 60Inch, 14m x 60Inch, 15m x 60Inch, 16m x 60Inch, 17m x 60Inch, 18m x 60Inch, 19m x 60Inch, 20m x 60Inch


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