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Heavy Duty 100gsm Grey Debris Netting


Grey Debris Netting
Heavy Duty Debris Netting
100gsm Debris Netting
Grey Garden Netting
UV Stabilised Netting

Product Description:
Debris Netting is made from UV stabilised polyethylene monofilaments which creates an open mesh netting. Primarily used on scaffolding systems to keep any rubbish or debris contained on a building site, it improves site safety by reducing the risk of objects falling outside the working area. By aiding the containment of debris, a safer environment is afforded to both workers and the general public.

Supplied as a single roll, with a closer weave and thicker monofilament yarn than the lighter 70gsm grade. Not suitable for use as a safety net, but well suited to heavy duty applications for greater peace of mind where containment is required, and site safety is paramount.

Size: 2m x 50m
Colour: Pale Grey
Spec: 100gsm
Approx Weight : 10kgs
Coverage : 100 Square Metres

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2m x 50m


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