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Flame Retardant White Tarpaulin – 200gsm

These tarpaulins have been manufactured to be flame retardant according to EN 13501-1 class B.

The design of the tarp means that although not see through they allow a lot of light to pass and so are ideal for working under or behind. The tarp weighs 200 grammes per square meter and is constructed of a polypropylrene rope grid sandwiched between two outer waterproof layers.

1-Opaque white colour
2-Double edged reinforced hems
3-Eyelets every 10 cm
4-Fire resistant to – EN 13501-1 class B
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 Type  HDPE/PP leno fabric, LDPE coating
 Fabric weight  150 g/m2
 Tensile strength warp / weft  345 N/5 cm / 367 N/5 cm
 Temperature Resistance  -40/+80°C
 Flame retardant  According to EN 13501-1 class B



 Size  Finished size, +/- 2%
 Finishing  With eyelet bands all around
 Eyelets Bands  15 mm Ø eyelets every 10 cm*
 Tear resistance eyelets  410 N

* This is a guide for placing eyelets, it does not include actual eyelets.

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