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Fire Resistant White Fence Tarpaulin 200gsm Fencing Cover

Flame Retardant White Fence Tarpaulin 200gsm Fencing Cover

Available in a range of sizes and specifications, this selection of tarpaulin and netting is perfect for use with heras fencing.

Heras fencing panels are used primarily on construction sites, for security and privacy. Our tarpaulin covers are available in a standard 110gsm grade with eyelets at metre intervals. We also have a heavy duty flame retardant option, often a requirement for health and safety standards. This 200gsm sheet also has the added benefit of more frequent eyelets for fixing, every 50cm.

We also supply sheeting as a continous roll, for easy and flexible fitting to panels. Note. the rolls do not have eyelets. Our tarpaulin fencing covers are waterproof and UV protected.


1. Lightweight 200gsm tarpaulins with eyelets every metre, available in blue or white
2. HD 200gsm flame retardant tarpaulin with eyelets every 50cm
3. PE roll goods
4. Debris Netting

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Flame Retardant White – 1.76 x 3.41m


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