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Blue Poly Rope Mini Polypropylene Rope

Our polypropylene rope is a true general purpose resource, with hundreds of uses in the home, garden, agriculture, boating or industry. These handy mini coils are supplied in blue, in diameters of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. All diameters are available in 30m lengths, with further selected sizes also available in 15m (12mm). The uses are endless for polyprop’ rope; most commonly used for strapping items down, lashing tarpaulins and cargo, it’s also used for DIY purposes and as a draw cord for underground cabling in the telecoms industry.

Made from hard-wearing 3-strand split film polypropylene this rope is weather resistant, lightweight and easy to handle, floats, is rotproof and shrinkproof.

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Blue Poly Rope – 4mm x 30m Mini Coil, Blue Poly Rope – 6mm x 30m Mini Coil, Blue Poly Rope – 8mm x 30m Mini Coil, Blue Poly Rope – 10mm x 30m Mini Coil, Blue Poly Rope – 12mm x 30m Mini Coil


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