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Tarpaulin Rolling items have a roll-like construction. These tarpaulin rolls  are rolled in the foam of round, hollow, and triangle shapes. These are also available as roll items, such as sticky tape. These are simple to transport. Rolling goods are difficult to form into various things. We offer various types of rolling sheets, such as Flame-retardant transparent scaffold sheets are specialist building materials used on construction sites to improve safety. These rolls are made up of flame-retardant material and provide complete protection from fire risks.  These are used to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris, as well as the structure and employees from the weather. The spacing between the eyelets is around 80mm. Our blue tarpaulin roll, with a weight of 110 grams per square meter, is manufactured from waterproof polyethylene. These sheets are flexible and widely used for outdoor protection. These rolls are also used for packing, barriers, or privacy fences. Flame-retardant transparent scaffold sheets, which weigh 150 grams per square meter, are specialty building supplies made to improve safety at construction sites where scaffolding is utilized. These come in a variety of sizes and hues. These are attached to scaffolding using nuts and clips. A green and brown polyethylene sheet roll weighing 250 gsm (grams per square meter) is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose plastic sheeting. There are no eyelets or hems on this roll of UV-stabilized waterproof tarpaulin. These are used for outdoor and construction purposes. Using anchors, fasteners, or weights may help keep the sheeting in place. Grey poly-cotton tarpaulin roll that weighs 12 ounces (abbreviated as 12oz) is flexible and made of natural cotton material. These rolls have unlimited features as are breathable, eco-friendly, and weather-resistant. These are perfect for use in outdoor settings and industrial tasks as made of high-quality material. Our heavy-duty tan canvas rolls are made from breathable natural material. These are used as flatbed truck covers, trailer covers, and in maritime, agricultural, and industrial applications. Natural Hessian Jute Rolls are excellent to protect from winter. These are used to preserve masonry and brickwork during cold spells. In order to minimize erosion, these rolls are utilized for arts and crafts, weddings, and other occasions. Our white polyethylene rolls, weighing 200 grams per square meter, are flexible and long-lasting. These rolls are ideal to use for wedding events, as white is a graceful color. These are entirely water-resistant and UV-stabilized. One disadvantage of these rolls is that they require greater upkeep because of their white tone. We prioritize quality and functionality to guarantee that our products meet the highest standards.. Whether it’s improving construction site safety, providing heavy-duty coverage, adding rustic beauty to projects, or providing diverse outdoor solutions, our products are intended to meet and exceed your expectations. We know about ecologically responsible solutions to provide you with natural material products. We never compromise on quality and will try to meet your demands, look forward to your expectations. 

Tarpaulin Roll

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Showing all 9 results