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Super Heavy-weight Tarpaulins are manufactured from high-quality polyethylene material. These sheets come with aluminum eyelets having space on all four corners. These covers are ideal to cover large items as they are completely waterproof and strong.  Super Heavy-weight sheets act as a barrier against harsh weather conditions such as (rain, heavy storms, snowfall, etc.). These are flame-resistant, UV-resistant, and waterproof. These sheets are perfect to use as are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. We have many different types of heavy-weight tarpaulins such as 14oz Blue Canvas Tarpaulin Sheets; which are manufactured from high-quality breathable material.  These sheets are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including transportation, construction, and agriculture. These sheets are water-resistant and are perfect to use for outdoor spaces. Our 610gsm Green Economy Insulated Tarpaulins 14oz; are strong and reasonably priced tarpaulins. These sheets are ideal to use and provide complete protection to items and are available at a cheap price. These covers are utilized to provide protection in agriculture, construction, vehicles, and outdoor events. These offer insulations that defend against severe weather. Our Green canvas tarpaulins are manufactured from 21-ounce canvas cloth. These sheets have a robust structure and are ideal for outdoor use. These covers are completely waterproof and UV-stabilized. These are widely used in greenhouses and also protect areas from harsh weather conditions. Grey poly-cotton tarpaulins are comprised of a polyester and cotton blend. These are flexible and lightweight, making them excellent for camping, outdoor events, and temporary coverings. These sheets are also used for outdoor and DIY uses. Heavy Duty Tan 13oz Canvas Tarpaulins; are made of tough 13-ounce canvas material. These sheets are reliable protection for outdoor products. These tarpaulins are used in farming, building, and machinery from inclement weather such as wear and tear. Our Heavy Duty Black Tarpaulin 270gsm Tarpaulin Cover; sheets are versatile and used for a variety of purposes. These sheets are completely waterproof and are used in farming, landscaping, and transportation industries. Waterproof Green Tarpaulins 560gsm Waterproof Tarp; are constructed from strong plastic material. These tarpaulins are entirely waterproof, UV-resistant, and perfect for a variety of outdoor applications. Our Super Heavy-Weight Tarpaulins are used in many different sectors, including transportation, agriculture, construction, and outdoor events. These work well as protection for many goods, including machinery, vehicles, building supplies, and equipment. We provide a range of sizes, hues, and grommet options so that you may customize our tarps to your particular requirements. Whether you need a sizable tarp to cover industrial equipment or a smaller one for private usage, we have you covered. Our tarps and easy to handle. Grommets with reinforcements make it simple to fasten and secure the tarp. Our Super Heavy-Weight Tarpaulins are made to endure lengthy exposure to tough circumstances without degrading, ensuring they serve you well for a long time. If you want a tarpaulin that can survive the worst conditions, a Super Heavy-Weight Tarpaulin is the ideal choice.

Super Heavy Weight Tarpaulins

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results