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Plastic sheets are used for a variety of tasks. These are made of high-quality polyethylene material. These sheets are waterproof and utilized all around the world, whether it be to wrap food, cover dirt, or cover a structure. These are used in multiple applications, such as building, masonry, and gardening. Plastic sheeting is ideal for covering and protecting skids, timber, warehouse equipment, machinery, and building supplies. These are most commonly used for packing items. Gardeners use plastic sheeting to prevent weeds from growing in their gardens. A thicker version is used to prevent sidewalk damage by weed roots. The thickness of plastic sheeting is measured in mils. We provide different types of plastic sheeting; some categories of our most commonly used sheets are discussed below. Our Blue/White Market Stall Tarp Waterproof Tarpaulins weigh 170 g and are UV-protected. These sheets have extra plastic corners with aluminum eyelets. These are most commonly used as curtains or umbrellas for market stalls. Blue waterproof polyethylene sheets are flexible and durable. These sheets are used in agriculture, marine, and construction industries. These covers come with aluminum eyelets and reinforced edges on all four sides. These plastic sheets are available at a cheap price. Blue Poly Cotton Lorry Cover Tarpaulin completely provides protection to loads on trucks and lorries. These sheets are manufactured from a mixture of polyester and cotton. Clear Polythene Sheets’ top covers for pallets are water-resistant. These sheets provide complete protection from moisture and dust. These plastic sheets with perforations are placed over pallet loads to safeguard shipments. Our Green Mesh Lorry Ad Skip Covers are constructed from tightly woven polyethylene for standard duty. Ideal for use with skips and lorries to secure and safeguard goods while the vehicle is in motion. These are long-lasting and completely waterproof. Our Red and White Market Stall Tarpaulins, with a weight of 170 g (grams per square meter), are a type of tarpaulin designed for use in outdoor events, market events, and temporary shelters. These sheets are ideal to use because of their color combination. Our plastic sheets are an exceedingly flexible material that works well for many different purposes. There are many different types of plastic sheets. These sheets are made of a variety of colors and finishes, and they can be thermoformed into a variety of forms. It’s simpler to work with plastics and customize them to the requirements of each project. Most plastics are also quite durable; however, the benefits vary depending on the kind of plastic. These are resistant to chemicals and are ideally adapted to withstand friction. We provide you with durable and high-quality plastic sheets that are suitable for a variety of purposes. Our plastic sheets are utilized in a variety of industries, such as DIY, building industries, vehicles, construction, agriculture, and farming. High-quality plastic sheeting is available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and custom sizes. Our sheets are completely UV-stabilized, waterproof, rot-proof, shrink-proof, and UV-resistant. These are long-lasting. Our experienced staff can assist you in making the best decisions and even put you in touch with value-added conversion services to make sure you obtain the precise materials, measurements, and finishes to meet the demands of your business.



Plastic Sheeting

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Showing all 9 results