Medium weight tarpaulins:

Medium weight tarpaulins range from 135gsm to 145gsm, which is why they are called medium weight tarpaulins. These medium weight tarpaulins come with the same spacing of eyelets at one meter. Medium weight tarpaulins are durable and easier to use because of their medium weight. Our website sells tarpaulins of different weights and sizes along with customized tarpaulins. Medium weight tarpaulins are one of these tarpaulins. Medium weight tarpaulins that our website provide include Heavy Duty Tarpaulin PE Waterproof Blue Tarp Cover, Weatherproof Green Pallet Covers 140gsm Medium Weight Tarpaulins, Green Tarpaulin Includes Eyelets UV Stability 90g, Waterproof Green Tarpaulin 150gsm For Garden Furniture, Blue Tarpaulin 80gsm For Garden Furniture And Groundsheet Cover, Flame-Retardant Tarpaulin Waterproof 200gsm, Multipurpose Lightweight White Fence Tarpaulin Waterproof Tarp 140gsm Cover and Heavy Duty Waterproof White Tarpaulin 110gsm. Heavy Duty Tarpaulin PE Waterproof Blue Tarp Cover that comes in the size of 3*4 meters. All of these tarpaulins provide the same functioning as water resistance, shading from the UV rays of sunlight, snow falling, keeping the goods warm and safe from any damage from dust or wind. These medium weight tarpaulins are also designed to be fitted into the metal Heras type of fencing around the different buildings or tarmacs perfect to stop people from peeping into or to show people your stuff, whatever you want. These medium weight tarpaulins are available in different colors and sizes accordingly requirements of the user. These tarpaulins really help in neatening up the naughty sights. These medium weight tarpaulins, like all other goods, come with the warranty card of six months excluding the grommets and ropes. Some of these, medium weight tarpaulins, are five times stronger than the other tarpaulins because of being multi-layered. These medium weight tarpaulins are a perfect solution that ranges from temporary covering solution to providing support, protection, and strength to the goods underneath.

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