Jute tarpaulins 

Jute tarpaulin is another one type of tarpaulin that our website sells. Jute tarpaulins are like all other regular tarps but made from jute, which is a natural material that is derived out of a jute plant. This derivative is then manufactured into the workable tread. These jute tarpaulins give an old and classy appearance of bags or sacks used by our ancestors. These jute tarpaulins are usually used for tarmacs. These jute tarpaulins in spite of their unique composition material, provide no less insulation to the tarmacs that the other tarpaulins would provide. These jute tarpaulins keep the tarmacs warm and are friendly to the environment because of the material used that is jute which is also biodegradable. These jute tarpaulins are very light weighed ranging from 18OZ to 20OZ. Because of their different and unique composition, do not think of these tarpaulins any less. Jute tarpaulins still do come with grommets and ropes for their support and reinforcement. To provide additional strength to the jute tarpaulins, our website provides double sewn sheets, which are more strong. The edges of these jute tarpaulins are evenly hemmed. In comparison to any other tarpaulin which comes with eyelets spaced at one meter, these jute tarpaulins come with eyelets spaced at 1.8 meters and these Jute tarpaulins come with customized lengths. These jute tarpaulins along with keeping tarmacs warm, like all other tarpaulins, can also be used at other different general sites. These jute tarpaulins due to double sewn sheets, provide the same water resistance, and protection from different environmental conditions such as heat, rain- acidic rain, UV sunlight rays, or dust. Our site provides a warranty for six months with these jute tarpaulins but only for the sheets. This warranty does not include grommets, eyelets or ropes.

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