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Heavy duty Tarpaulins are durable and versatile covers made from heavy-duty material. These tarps have reinforced eyelets and grommets on all four sides. These tarpaulin sheets are ideal for industrial applications as they provide complete protection against inclement weather. These come in a range of sizes (small to large), and colors (silver, red, orange, yellow, black, green, etc.). Our Heavy duty tarpaulins are strong and long-lasting but require a little maintenance. We offer different types of heavyweight tarpaulins as each is used for different purposes such as our 270GSM Extra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Brown & Silver Ground Sheet Cover; having a dual-color scheme offers versatility and reflects UV and heat protection. These covers are widely used for camping as well as for outdoor applications. These covers will you reliable and long-lasting protection. Blue and Beige Tarpaulin 350gsm Extra heavy-duty tarpaulins; come with aluminum eyelets having space on all four corners. These covers provide extra protection as are manufactured from high-quality material that last long. These tarpaulins have a dual-color scheme that combines the visibility of blue and the versatility of Beige and makes this sheet suitable for various purposes. These covers are widely used for transportation, as to transfer goods from one place to another.  On the other hand, Our Brown Tarpaulin Sheet 240gsm Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarpaulins; are perfect to use. These tarpaulins are the best choice for protection items from moisture, rain, and snow. These sheets are used for various applications such as outdoor shelter, and covering equipment. These tarps are available at reasonable prices having all features.  Waterproof Tarp Sheet Green 200gsm Tarpaulins are flexible and long-lasting tarps.  These are manufactured from high-quality materials. These sheets are weatherproof, rot-proof, and waterproof. Our Heavy Duty Black/Gold Tarpaulins 270gsm Waterproof Ground Sheet Cover; are manufactured with high-quality polyethylene having brass eyelets on every 50cm on all four sides. These sheets are versatile as have a dual-color design one side black and the other side gold. These coverings are most commonly used for camping, gardening, and farming activities.  Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulin Tan 13oz Canvas Tarp; is a long-lasting cover. These sheets are water-resistant and are manufactured from high-quality breathable material with brass grommets.  These sheets are most commonly used for camping and agriculture. Heavy Duty Green and Silver Tarpaulin sheets are manufactured using 270gsm and are completely waterproof. These tarpaulins are perfect for outdoor settings as have brass eyelets on every 50 cm on all four sides. These sheets are attractive because of the Green and silver combination, as the green color protects from sun rays and the silver color reflects UV rays and heat. Our Heavy Duty Green Tarpaulins with 140gsm are completely UV-protected and waterproof. These covers are made from high-quality polyethylene material as well as heat-sealed rope-reinforced borders. These coverings are long-lasting and used for a variety of tasks if are properly maintained.  Our heavyweight tarpaulins are perfect to use for outdoor settings as these are made from extra high-quality material. Our strong tarpaulins are long-lasting, UV-protected, rot-proof, and waterproof. 

Heavy Duty Tarpaulins

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results