Economy Tarpaulins:

 Economy Tarpaulin is one of the kinds of tarpaulins that are lightweight. They are easy to handle and have a high range. They are well known for their temporary use as waterproof covers. They have an application such as hay tarps as some ventilation and light is required, for storing wood logs by covering then hence protecting them, for building site covers for temporary shielding and as winter tent. The salt stack is also covered with economy tarpaulin covers. They show much effectiveness in situations where light is required. In Nurseries, the plants that require less exposure to light and the direct sunlight and heat affects them so the economy tarpaulins are used to cover them and to have the required result. The mountain climbers use the Economy Tarpaulin at high altitudes and at glaciers. The Economy tarpaulins are usually in the size of 10×10 feet. The tarpaulins are installed with the assistance of tightening ropes and portable poles. Being water-resistant they are also used at the toping of the ships of fishers and also used for the wind sailing. They are also used for advertisement purposes. Computer hot glaze printing is also applied to it. Its properties of anti-rusting, anti-tearing and the property of crackles make it more useable. These lightweight tarpaulins are often in blue color so it may diffuse easily into environment sometimes the color is selected according to the need for example if it is to be used in woods so its color is selected that color has longer wavelength that is orange or red so if there is an emergency the blazing color will be easily caught by humans and even by copters. The black color tarpaulin is used in the green house and in some kind of tunnel farming that enhances the temperature of land to kill harmful bacteria.

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150gsm Waterproof Green Tarpaulin

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210gsm Silver Brown Waterproof Tarpaulin

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