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Debris netting is a strong, heavy-duty plastic net that is used on scaffolding to protect people and oncoming vehicles from falling debris. This is manufactured from high-quality polyethylene (HDPE) material having eyelets on all four sides. These nets are used to improve the working environment for construction workers by promoting air circulation and dramatically lowering rain and wind penetration. Garden, insect, and allotment netting are other uses for debris and scaffold netting. The best dust protection is provided by dust protection nets, which also provide extra protection from falling objects. The net can be rapidly and simply placed on scaffolding. Scaffolding protection textiles are frequently used in conjunction with guardrail protection nets. Their air permeability keeps trapped air from building up beneath the cloth. We provide debris netting categorized as Our Black Fire Resistant Netting 70gsm Debris Netting – 2mx50m; is made of heavy-duty plastic netting. These are most commonly used in commercials and industries fire resistance and debris containment are essential. These are used to keep debris from falling and posing risks, particularly on building sites or during maintenance operations. Blue Flame Retardant Debris Netting – 2mx500, is used where there is a risk of fire This type of debris netting is intended to assist in confining debris, stop things from falling, and lessen the possibility of a fire spreading. Heavy Duty 100gsm Grey Debris Netting is used to collect debris, prevent falling items, and improve safety on building sites or in industrial locations. Because of its heavy-duty construction, this specific netting is appropriate for more demanding circumstances where extra strength and durability are needed. Heavy Duty Flame Retardant Netting 70gsm Blue Scaffold Netting – 2mx50m; In construction environments where fire safety is an issue, the flame-retardant function is essential. It helps in preventing the spread of flames in the case of a fire. These are friendly to the environment. This heavy-duty industrial debris netting protects people and vehicles from falling debris. Our green heavy-duty fire retardant debris netting is great for protecting passing vehicles and pedestrians from flying debris. Use it to erect a temporary fence to restrict access to your building site. Both a windbreak and a garden mesh may be created out of this netting. A better long-term application would be to use it as garden netting. Heavy Duty Red Fire Retardant Debris Netting – 2mx50m, This netting is a great option for circumstances where fire safety and debris containment are important due to its heavy-duty structure, fire-retardant qualities, and vivid red color. Helping with debris containment provides a safer environment for both workers and the general public. While allowing light and air into the workspace, the netting also regulates airflow to keep dust and other particles outside. To properly confine different materials that could fall into or over the scaffold, debris netting is frequently utilized around the perimeter of scaffolding constructions. Because of its versatility as an enclosure system, it is easy to use, reasonably priced, and can be hung either vertically or horizontally for the best coverage.

Debris Netting

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results