Clear Tarpaulins

The basic type of tarpaulins which are commonly used, clear tarpaulins. Usually, these tarpaulins are easily available but most customers are not satisfied with the quality of these tarpaulins. All of our products are subjected to the warranty of six months but the eyelets are not covered under the warranty of manufacture. Constant exposure to strong and harsh weather conditions will be responsible for degrading the tarps quickly. The common product of this tarpaulin is glass clear tarpaulin. These tarpaulins are as clear as glass and these are also rotted and UV proof. This glass clear tarpaulins are durable and water-resistant. The other important tarpaulin is included in the category of clear tarpaulins are Polytunnel Sheeting 170gsm. This sheeting is made up of strong reinforced polyethylene at 170 gsm, this sheeting allows transmission of  70% light. One of the best types of clear tarpaulins is Mono cover Tarpaulin 170gsm. This type of tarpaulin is usually used where rugged covers are required. This tarpaulin is made with a multifilament grid and then laminated in LD polyethylene. This type is currently available in 7 sizes and 2 colors which are green and clear. These are used to cover hay, roofing, boats, and constructions.Clear Tarpaulin 310gsm is commonly used and the demand for this type is increasing day by day. These tarpaulins have brass eyelets. These tarps are rot and UV proof. These are clear as a pane of glass and durable.UV Protected Tarpaulins 310gsm are among the famous tarpaulins which are commonly used. These are for those projects where much light penetration is required. These are popular for animal enclosures such as chicken coops, kennels, and rabbit hutches. These are waterproof and rotted proof. We provide customized tarpaulins and this is the main reason why people prefer to make a purchase from us.

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