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Bungee and Shock cords are used to tie an object, these are strong and long-lasting. These cords are most commonly used for hunting, traveling, and camping. These are simple to use as are elastic. These are manufactured from rubber that is covered in nylon for protection. Metal or plastic hooks are frequently used on both ends of bungee cords. These are frequently used for attaching loads on cars, securing camping gear, bundling objects, and other applications where tension and flexibility are required. On the other hand, shock cords are the same as bungee cords but have a little bit of difference such as being manufactured from high-quality and more resilient elastic core material. These are not as elastic as bungee cords. We provide a variety of bungee and shook cords, Our 100 Elastic Toggle Ties, are flexible and easy to use. These are to secure tarpaulins. These cords come in a dual color scheme (white and black).  Heavy-duty black ball bungees are 20cm in length.  These cords are safe and flexible.  These are used by gardeners to anchor plant supports, tie back branches, or hold up protective coverings. Also used to secure objects temporarily during home renovation work. Our Heavy Duty Black Elastic Bungee Cords Rope Long Lasting Shock Cords; are flexible and are constructed from elastic rubber. These are used to secure gear and equipment during outdoor activities. Heavy-duty bungee cords secure machinery or create a safety barrier.  A robust and adaptable fastening equipment called Heavy Duty Elastic Shock Cords with Hooks is frequently used for a variety of tasks to provide elasticity and a reliable connection. These cords are normally composed of an elastic core. Hooks are used to tie the cable to objects or anchor points. Out Heavy Duty White Ball Bungees, particularly come with a length of 30cm, are frequently used to secure tarpaulins. These bungee cords have two plastic or rubber balls at either end of an elastic, flexible cable. These useful elasticated loops are simply removed and re-tied, and provide flexible tarpaulin fastening. “Multi Lengths Shock Cord Reels – 100m” is an excellent that consists of a reel or spool of 100-meter-long shock cord (also known as bungee cable). These are adaptable and used for a variety of applications such as fastening tarps, building objects, and securing objects.  Our “Shock Cord 50m Reel” is a product that comprises a reel or spool of a 50-meter-long shock cord. These are made of extra high-quality material. These are used to secure large objects and tarpaulins. These are UV-resistant and long-lasting.  Shock cord toggle ties are useful connectors used to keep tarps and other coverings in place. These are made of shock cable that has a toggle or ball on one end and a loop on the other. These toggle ties are frequently employed in outdoor and camping. Our bungee cords provide a flexible and dependable fastening option for a variety of applications. These cords, which have a strong elastic core and a sturdy coating, provide flexibility and durability when it comes to fastening goods.

Bungee & Shock Cord

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Showing all 10 results